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     The Email Marketing Strategy That Works

The Email Marketing Strategy That Works is Not a Campaign

As a copywriter and digital marketer, I’ve worked on email marketing campaigns for as long as I’ve been in this industry. What I’ve noticed about the email marketing strategy that works is that it usually isn’t a “campaign” at all. A weekly email newsletter that is sent with the intent to serve and provide value to the recipients is the key.

This is difficult to accomplish if you’re a retail outlet emailing new sale details every week. In fact, I’ll freely admit that this strategy works best with those who are selling a service contract (aka a “relationship”) and/or trying to build a community, rather than sell a one-time consumer purchase.

If you have ideas to share and value to bring people, however, this is the right strategy for you.

email marketing strategy build your subscriber list

The first step to a solid email marketing strategy is to have a method to continuously grow your reader base. This section is a three part series on building your list with the right tools and strategies.

Email Marketing 101: Build Your Subscriber List

Attract Subscribers with Inbound Marketing

Recruit Subscribers with Outreach Strategies

email marketing strategy send the perfect onboarding emails

Next it’s important to ensure a delightful and consistent onboarding experience. Read about the importance of “small wins” and check out some onboarding email templates here.

Onboarding Subscribers to Build the Habit

email marketing strategy inspire love and loyalty

Last but not least, you’ll have to consistently deliver great content in your emails that inspires the love and loyalty of your subscriber base. Learn about the most popular email content templates that make readers love you.

Email Content Ideas That Readers Love

No strategy is the perfect fit for everyone, but I hope these guides help you to reach your target audience and inspire happy readers. If you have any questions or want to talk about how this strategy is working for you, please feel free to contact me at hello@daniloebs.com