According to¬†Google’s much-hyped Project Glass augmented-reality specs could show up at Google I/O in June.

I don’t know why I’m the only one who notices this, but Google Glasses are totally just props stolen from the Star Trek TNG episode “The Game.” Just… take a look:

You know they’re both watching George Takai do his Happy Dance.

Most inventions influenced by Star Trek have turned out to be completely awesome, but The Game was a highly addictive mind control device that only the pure of nerdom (AKA Wil Wheaton) could stave off long enough to fight the she-aliens… unfortunately it was one of those situations where he was forced to opt in:

Dear Facebook, this is how some people feel when you adjust their settings behind their backs and force them to opt in…

But more on the real glasses made (allegedly) by humans:

Did you watch the whole video? ¬†Do you think Jessica knows he’s planning to cheat on her with Paul at the Gayno concert? More importantly… are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If the glasses respond to voice commands… I’ve just been given the power to Rick Roll everyone wearing them. If I get close enough, I can make them see things they can’t unsee. The potential for diabolical mayhem is vast, vast I say!

Also… if a dude walks around with an AR app that makes everyone around him appear naked, is that sexual harassment? Will I forever be creeped out by the smirking faces behind Project Glass?

What mayhem, creepiness or awesomeness do you anticipate from Project Glass? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

PS. Despite the fact that “The Game” is possibly the worst TNG episode ever, it guest stars Ashley Judd! You should probably watch it anyway.

Ashley loves it when you talk nerdy.

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