A great blog headline accomplishes two goals: it inspires your target audience to click it and read the rest of the post, and it contains a keyword/keyphrase that will help the post pop up in search engine results.

If you’ve already done one-half of the job and determined the keyword/keyphrase you’ll be using. Here are 8 free tools to help you with the rest.

8 Tools to Help You Write a Better Blog Headline

1. Co.Schedule’s Headline Analyzer. If you’ve already created a headline and need a tool to grade it, this one is by far the most thorough. Complete with tips to help you improve your headline, it is absolutely worth trying. Since I prefer to write my own headlines, this is my favorite tool on the list and lives forever on my Resources page.

co.schedule headline analyzer

2. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Enter any keyword and this tool will generate 100 possible headlines for you to skim. Separated into different themes like love, lists, how-to and more, some of the suggestions are pretty fun.

3. Portent’s Title Maker. This may be downright essential for bloggers with a sense of humor because the generated titles are hilarious! While you’ll only get one headline generated at a time, the notes from Portent make it an entertaining exercise.

portent title generator

4. ContentIdeator. Enjoy seven pages of headline ideas for every keyword you enter. That’s a lot of ideas!

5. Content Row’s LinkBait Title Generator. Yet another tool that asks for a keyword and then spits out nearly 100 headline ideas. I’ve noticed these are a bit more salacious in style, which explains the “link bait” theme.

6. Title-Generator.com. Much like the other tools mentioned, this website takes a keyword and spits out headline ideas. This tool may take the cake for quantity, however: I was instantly delivered 700 headline ideas at the push of a button. Impressive.

7. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Promising to deliver a week’s worth of content ideas, this tool allows you to submit up to 3 keyword topics to be run through their generator. You’ll get five blog titles as a result, enough for every weekday.

hubspot headline generator

8. Inbound Now’s Blog Title Idea Generator. Promising to “generate SEO friendly blog post titles and kill writer’s block,” I really like this tool because it generates title templates where you can fill in the blanks.

inbound now headline generator

Headlines are a great way to get more traffic to your blog and attract new readers. Have fun playing around with these tools!